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Monday, 20 February 2012

The Woman In Black!

Bit of a random post but went to see the new film 'The woman in black' yesterday so thought i'd do a little post about it;

Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel, recently lost his wife due to child birth a few years ago and now is a young lawyer being sent to this strange house to put its past residents affairs in order, so the house can be sold. However Eel Marsh house wasn't an ordinary mansion, it was supposidly haunted by 'The woman in black' and Arthur would soon unravel the reasons why.

The locals in the village of where Eal Marsh House is located try to warn him not to go there, all except one man who doesnt believe in the superstition, who helps him get to the house. 

Basically, when he arrives at the house everything starts to get a bit spooky then he see's the woman in black. What he doesn't know is that whenever someone see's the woman in black, a child dies!

I quite liked this film although it was a tad weird, but the strange thing is that it's rated a 12A and I personally think if a 12 year old watched this they wouldnt be able to sleep for ages! But overall a good film!


  1. Saw it the other day but really feel that the play made me jump a whole lot more & the storyline is quite different to the play.x

  2. I really want to watch this! Loads of my friends have said it's really creepy.