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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Autumny thingssss !

I haven't posted in a while, i've just been busy and I kinda forgot my password! But anyways... I've already started buying my clothes for autumn and heres a few things I'm thinking about getting...

River Island



Urban Outfitters

New Look

River Island


Friday, 25 May 2012

Ringy Ringss

My favourite jewlerry is rings! I can't not wear them or my hands feel.. naked?

My favourite ring^ got it ageeesss ago!

Need any info on the rings then comment below (:  x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Nail ombre!

Thought nail ombre was going to be hard but it was suprisingly easy :)

Makeup sponges - £2 something - superdrug
beauty uk nail varnish
Miss sporty nail arnish

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Haven't posted in a whilee, i've bought lots of stuff & just havent got round to posting about it but it will be here soon - hopefully ! But for now i'll just show you some stuff I really want to get !

Rah, these shorts are BOOM! From river island and they're just beautiful :')

Been wanting one of these nail varnishes foreverrrr! I think I'll definately get one or two for summer, if it ever comes to England .. !!

Everyone wants or already has one of these, they just sound so good! I want to get the orangey coloured one, I think its called tutti frutti!

I won't do anymore because i've got loads more stuff to show, but thanks for reading ;)  

Monday, 2 April 2012


Few things I bought recently!


Cross earings - Topshop - £4

High-low skirt - Primark - £8

Skater skirt - New look - £9.99

Drawstring rucksack - Primark - £8

Bag - New look - £19.99 (removable strap)

 MUA Waterproff liquid eyeliner - Superdrug - £1

MUA shade 15 juicy lipstick - Superdrug - £1 


Monday, 12 March 2012

New Shorts!

Bought these highwaisted denim shorts from missguided for about £20 and I haven't stopped wearing them since they arrived!
They go with almost everything and they're such a nice colour, love them !

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Woman In Black!

Bit of a random post but went to see the new film 'The woman in black' yesterday so thought i'd do a little post about it;

Arthur Kipps, played by Daniel, recently lost his wife due to child birth a few years ago and now is a young lawyer being sent to this strange house to put its past residents affairs in order, so the house can be sold. However Eel Marsh house wasn't an ordinary mansion, it was supposidly haunted by 'The woman in black' and Arthur would soon unravel the reasons why.

The locals in the village of where Eal Marsh House is located try to warn him not to go there, all except one man who doesnt believe in the superstition, who helps him get to the house. 

Basically, when he arrives at the house everything starts to get a bit spooky then he see's the woman in black. What he doesn't know is that whenever someone see's the woman in black, a child dies!

I quite liked this film although it was a tad weird, but the strange thing is that it's rated a 12A and I personally think if a 12 year old watched this they wouldnt be able to sleep for ages! But overall a good film!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Want List;


River Island

Forever 21


River Island

River Island

I wish I was rich so I could buy all the clothes I wanted!

Unfortunately, I'm not rich.

Went on a little shopping trip...

 Black belt - Primark - £1: For this price you can't really go wrong! I needed some belts because I always seem to lose mine and this plain black, plaited belt would go with anything!
3 pack colourful belts - Primark - £1: As I said above, I was in need of some belts, i thought these colourful, floral ones would be perfect for spirng/summer.

Animal print makeup bag - Primark - £2.50: I keep all my makeup in a big case/ bag thing so it's hard to find what im looking for straight away, I thought i should buy this because it was cheap, pretty and the perfect size to keep all my day to day makeup in.

Black brogues - Primark - £8: Got these for school, they were cheap so hopefully they'll last and won't just fall apart.

Floral boat shoes - Primark - £6: I LOVE these! In a previous post
 I showed that i wanted the river island floral boat shoes, but then I found these in primark for a fraction of the price! 
Aztec bracelet - Primark - £1: To be honest i don't really know why I bought this, I'm more of a ring person than a bracelet person. I just thought the pattern on it was nice and it was cheap!

Floral ring - Primark - £1.50: I where rings all the time and i'm always in need of a new one so i just bought this pretty pink one.

Fashion Tights - Primark - £2.50: Yes, these tights have numbers on! I just think they're so cool! I have no idea what i'll wear them with but I like them!

Black bag - Primark - £12: I dont have many bags like this but I bought it anyway. I just thought the shape of it was quite posh and it's not too big or too small which is good !

Black bow hairclip - Primark - £1: I never wear hairclips because they're always too big bright and colourful for my liking but I like this one because its simple and cute and only £1 !

Feather earings - Primark - £1.50: I loved the colour of these! It's like a pale blue colour so in with this seasons trend, pastel colours!

Sweatshirt - Primark - £12: This sweatshirt is from the mens department in primark, I always see it in there but I don't really want to buy things from the mens but I bought it anyway!

Leather skirt - H&M - £19.99: I have wanted this skirt for SO long! They had it in primark and I didn't like it at first but when they all sold out I wanted it so bad! Thankfully they bought it into H&M so I bought it straight away!

Orangey/red tshirt - Primark - £7: Another item from the mens department... I just saw this and loved the colour so bought it!

TMNT tshirt - Primark - £3: Yes, this is also from the mens department... I saw a girl walking round wearing this then I saw it and it was only £3 !

White shirt - Primark - £10: I love this top! It also comes with a pink bit down the front instead of blue but i dont have many clothes with blue in so i bought it!

Wow that took a while to write.